The two of us


Why the Two of us?


Because I've never been a fan of big companies, I would always end up sitting on the side, watching the magic happen.

There is only one way I can be a part of it, and it's me and you being one on one, where I take the pictures of you and we can talk, with no distractions, no contamination; we can listen to the music you make, or we can pick up your favourite tunes.

I worked for several magazines through the years (Reykjavik Boulevard, C-Heads, Playboy, GQ and few others) and I loved all of them, because I was free to ask anything I wanted, I satisfied my own curiosities thanks to the interviews that assumed some kind of a style, an intensity. All this happened to be interesting for the readers too. And I'm proud of it.

But as much as I love words, even though it can become hard to make an interesting interview that could satisfy both me and the artist, they are not enough. I love photography very much, photos and music are my whole life, and I cannot divide the two anymore, they must go together.

That's why me and you, the two of us, are going to get a little bit deeper into our conversations. I'll grab my camera, give me some time, we can be finally alone.